Saturday, October 15, 2016

short story slam week 54, 55, fish and halloween around Yukon, Hinton, Weatherford, Perry, Wichita, Arkansas city, Fort Smith, and rochester

Dorris Carlson
he slides down the book aisle with Chester Carlson

that is when Raymont James lends a google search
from Trina, Jang, Ray, Smith, Evans, Lam, Timothy to Jenna, and Sam

Los Angeles and Tom Bradley,
Boston, Cambridge, and Martha Minow

Mary, Nell, Mira, Melinda, Bill, Barbara, Ari, and Abbey,
they all vote for Rusty,  Joel, Laszlo, Jill, and Patrick Stein

Ann Blair remains cool with Ai Qing Yan,
Joseph Singer and He Yan joins Joel Seligman and Allen Wallis

Andrew Cuomo  or Lovely Warren have pride,
George Eastman and Carol Simon do business well

Wilson common provides delicious soup and good Panda express steaks,
Ray Hylan and John Scott write down positive notes for Tom Lee

a small wire has Stocks of birds on, sitting,
eyes rolling, feet garbing the iron wrapper

Cici's pizza is our old friend,
SinClair and Quirkstop are our regular fuel stops

I pause, trying to think of more beautiful places,
Celia Clinton, Don Carlton, and Jimmy Norton, they sell good things

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