Wednesday, June 22, 2016

uploads of old friends, new friends, and past musicians

memory arts
music stands and mozart notes
tim and trent are friends

library science, physics research
academy and pe agree with wellness
do enjoy your personal grades

far out, nearsighted eyes
my figures type Thomas Boone Pickens,
whose birthday is may 22

passing father's day spirits,
we rest our thoughts on Sheng Wu, may 22,
Tom lee Wu, december 25,

so, Malia obama born on July 4th,
Barack Obama born on June 14, and Michelle Obama september 19,
my birthday is January 2

Soeul, Inchoen, Mountain View,
Silicon Valley, San Jose, San FRancisco, Seattle, Austin, Juneau,
Sarah Palin loves Mary Fallin conservative

no to abusive notes
yes to agreeable deals, united, mark gas, shamrock, exonn,
hess, love, sinclair, conoco, philip, wow


American Information, Library Science, and Data Base system, Happy Reading Y’all! a quote from jingle nozelar yanqiu

American Information, Library Science, and Data Base system, Happy Reading Y’all! 
 Watonga public library
 301 prouty street, 
 watonga, ok 73772
weatherford public library,
219 east franklin,
Weatherford, ok 73096
Clinton public library
721 frisco avenue, 
Clinton, ok 73601
All harris library
809 custer street,
Weatherford, ok 73096
Nina morris, pharmd
100 east campus drive
Weatherford, ok 73096
Hydro public library
518 south broadway avenue
Hydro, ok 73048
Altus public library
421 south hudson drive
Altus, ok 73521
Lawton public library
110 southwest 4th avenue
Lawton, ok 73501
Chatham public library
11 woodbridge avenue
New york, ny 12037
Elgin public library
404 north main street
Elgin, texas, 78621
Yale public library
213 north main street,
Yale, ok 74085