Wednesday, April 13, 2016

On Guthrie News Leader and Pam Nelson, Jennifer Tennyson, and Dan Newton

old lords
new face

rick perry
phil jackson

past scars
fresh wounds

guthrie news leader
tom and judy love speak

Pam Nelson
Dustin Damery

Jerry Wamsley
Mark Pakers

Parker Burnett
Mark Schlachtenhaufen

Mike Monahan
Tyrek Young

Terri Kennedy
Craig Romney

Joe Romney
Jana Ryan

Jennifer Tennyson
Julie Cohen

baseball games run  smooth
school bus goes bumpy

princeton public library
Jacqueline Sheehan and Mary Ellen rise

let Frances, Harry, Martha, Malia, Alissa, Sasha, Chelsea, Braxton, and Tom get it
the weather forecast today is cloudy

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