Friday, March 4, 2016

Ruby Tuesday, short story slam week 40,

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3WW Week No. 469

 naked, obey, piercing
Whirligig 49

 pink peach blossom,
 wildness praises fainted darkness

Holden Thorp impresses Mark Wu,
William Greenleaf Eliot grins at Mark Wrighton

Melvin Wroten is confused about Northwestern University,
Enemy of Melinda Harper, sharon Alexander nods to Marleen Joseph

spring break sings dandelion mood,
Janelle Fletcher, Elisha Wrighton, abbey Wood pack to visit New Haven

the place smells fresh elmwood
John Wright, Andrea Thomas, and Drew Faust reinforces Ann Blair style

thirty brown bears sleep near Rolla bay,
angry tiger ponders the red cliff

Abiodun Dawud is interested in relatives such as Sensasians Coppella, Jessica Blake
piercing opinions hurt, yet we obey positive rules,

not to face each other through naked pages
we orchestra Mozart  from Julie Cohen, John Clinton, Aleshia Rutan and Gayle Fletcher,

character on wheels... 
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