Saturday, February 20, 2016

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as if in a vase... 

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not sure how to begin a story, it looks like CREC rural electric cooperative 
has very good plans in its development, their creative mind always place 
locale junior high students in perspective, we mean an essay contest for 10th
student, which helps some parents, students be aware of their award winning
methods, a second prize with $150 means something to joe markes, that happens 
in summer, 2007, ali and jimmy both have gone to the meeting.

when David Swank and his employees work hard, however, feedback always give 
the Boss headaches, here is one from the web:

  worked at Central Rural Electric Cooperative (More than 8 years) by 

Ottis Thomas
close to home
some great people
nice landscaping
donates to community
too much gossiping
lots of back stabbing
a lot of people lie
spends to much money on petty stuff
don't take care of the workers in the back
Advice to Management

take care of your linemen in the back they are the people that keep your company going, not the office people in front. don't treat you good workers like trash and stab them in the back.

 light and shadow come in together, both lightening
our spirit and sadden our mind, I disagree with Ottis Thomas,
because his public remarks also evoke lots of negative energy,
and which fits into category of gossip

white people gossip, black people gossip, yellow or brown people
gossip, I am sure a positive gossip does help, but we will go hot,
then steaming, then get burnt, in the end, we choose to stay distant,
no words on employers, but respect is good.

a contribution to the entire crew as bonus on holidays or special occasion
may help, yet, CREC is not my working place, I believe that they are doing
perfectly well,  a few folks they ignore may not change the tide in ocean waves

this is a sad and shocking post, F is for Fujian Provence, or Fuzhou city,
F is a good word for Film makers, Fiji bay surfing, Family values, and
F is for FUji apples, FUji film, Falling leaves, and Fall (Autumn)...

 have fun, do have an ear behind the wall, don't suspend, but evaluate,
and connect, improve, and validate relations.

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 CREC Power and Energy Source Rock

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F is for   Fujian Provence, Fuzhou,