Wednesday, February 10, 2016

dogs, puppies, small pets make a world differences, short stroy slam week 38

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3WW Week No. 466  backbone, cheapen, dangle

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Black & White Wednesdays ~ A Dog's Life 

dogs bark, guarding your home
dogs walk, preventing their obesity

a fishbone is for a Wish Dog,
Dogs in Lunmberyard leave paw prints

a dog grows, from a puppy dog,
a dog mates, carrying memory of sharp teeth

envelopes unfold
germs, chespen skirts dangle around

birthday fever,
cakes are baked in swaying suitcase

mad travelers,
scissors bend to aid some soft tofu in kitchen counter

Whirligig 45

   photo 6fef8b02-7228-4cca-b8d9-09d5970f18a4_zpsufoegpxo.jpg