Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Seventh Day before Sixday of the Week word composition, short stroy slam week 37

Wordle 236

following North Boomer road,
passing Wall and Domino's pizza,
I stop by conoco and eat some six foot long from subway

the fuel is full,
my Barclay works perfectly at Food Pyramid,
and United airline plus New york citi add energy to my seceral bowl

This is Winterized thoughts,
my jaw falls wide open
as the spell of Queen's rose garden from Tower Bridge, London tightens

Queen Elizabeth is right,
her grand children Charlotte, George Louis grow strong and fit,
never mind the sad past yet pray for Diana and Pipa 

drinking some diet coke,
USA today news leak to flair Paul Singer,
Joe Bose speaks from mountain View on behalf of Google search engine

Fox news network is very active today,
Donald Trump, Chris Christie, and Erik Brady become smarter under Norway

I fall quiet about politics.




  1. I enjoyed that little journey...

  2. I love the ending lines:
    I fall quiet about politics"

  3. The manipulation of our minds by the media. Suddenly we remember we are but puppets dancing to others call.

  4. Bravo! Wonderful synthesis of modern media. Bastet

  5. nice interesting piece...
    an intermittent recounting of the world today.
    your day - our day
    glimpses of the wey we live
    digital flashes - signs of the times
    times of the day -
    nevermind the controversies.