Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Zach's Birthday Party at Austin, Texas

prior to Trenton Passmore, Tim Passmore, Chris Raun, Neel Rao, 
Tom Wu, and Anne or Kate Raun,
Victor used to go Chuckle Cheese, echoing Patricia Young and Tyrek Young,
and enjoy lots of pizza and tokens of fun games.
And at Austin, Texas,
Amanda, Richard, Zhigang Tan, Timonthy Lam, and Venessa,
or  Jay, Zach have been good playmates,
we go training riding at Zilker park,
We swim, swing, and school at Austin Bryer Woods elementary school.
Marie Coffee, Kathleen Appleton, and Sarah Constantin have capacity
letting first graders watching beijing new year gala,
Ms. Julie, Thompson, Thompton, Rahmat, Vikki, Theresa, DEborah, Tyrik,
Iain, Gay, Gus, Rick, Shannon, Maryposa, and Jen Wise used to host birthday party
for the Lewis-Hill family.
Their new Mini Van is big and blue,
The ice cream cones are sweet and cool,
Glad to see Zahara Marley, Shiloh Nouvel, Pax Jolie-Pitt, Knox Leon, Ji Rice, Vivienne Marcheline,
and Olive Wells, Reece Foster, Arzelar Leming, Lucinda Page, Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer
all dress up like princess Fairy, and get into Angela Cohan category with pink classy story.  

osu from ohio, oregon, and oklahoma

not so bad,
we do love state universities.
ohio state, oregon state, oklahoma state,
osu and naf both do great.
promoting arts, science, technology is good,
encouraging budding projects sets the world in fantastic mood.
the award winning candidate are many,
we do seek friendship with Germany.
osu, oahu, honolulu, princeton, uw, ossm, uf, ucla, ru, uk,
lots of people projects and
wow, furious 7 movie clips, bilger, then...
let's paste some names here for good intention:
Mary Poats,
Almadana Chtchelkanova,
Jerry Bona,
Peter Constantin,
Lara Campbell,
Eric Schmidt,
Devlin Montfort,
Matthew Klopfstein,
Xiaoliang Jin,
Mi Yang,
Dhabaleswar Panda,
Gloria Page,
Danping Peng,
Keqiang Li,
Jiabao Wen,
Priyank Jaiswal,
Morton Owen,
Hong Zhang,
Hui Su,
Nianyu Wang,
Marcheline Bertrand,
Barry Voight,
Chip Taylor,
Jon Voight,
Clint Eastwood,
Douglas Foster,
Rusty Ryan,
Carl Reiner,
Steven Sodebergh,
Jerry Weintranb,
Matt Damon,
Bradley Brad Pitt,
Angelina Jolie-Pitt
Jiahong Wu,
Tao Li,
Xianghong Gong,
Junxian Tian....