Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jingle's Birthplace: The Ninie-Headed Phoenix Bird


Nine-Headed Phoenix Bird= Jiu-Tou Feng Huang Niao

Haw Flakes=Shanza Bin =Shengsa Pian =Mountain Chips

Hubei province of China is nicknamed
Nine-Headed Phoenix Bird, because
talents are rich in this region,
Tang dynasty had famous poets such as
Wright Li, Wu Dough, and Restless Qu...
The Long River or Yangtze Jiang is the longest river in China,
with The Han River as its major branch,

Jingle's birthplace is Pengjia Wan next to the Han River, She went to Beijing Wuzi university in 1986, Becoming a Peking citizen after graduation in July, 1990.                                                              Coming to USA in 1993 and become an American citizen in 2003.

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