Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swing Haiku July 14, 2013 · by mindlovemisery/ · in Haiku, Poetry, Senryu. ·


Virtue cast aside
I am too far from Canaan
To become a star
Heaven shrinks and swells
Depending on the angle
Of my intentions
Blurry Monet sky
Braided chains unraveling
Blinding pirouettes
I summon the wind
Sunburnt thighs pumping madly
Icarus’ first flight
You stand nonchalant
In the seat of a worn swing
Swaying my resolve
On a wooden plank
I sail above elvish trees
Queen of the forest
When I was a kid my dad sent me to day camp to learn how to make Native American pottery the swing set was in a clearing in the woods so I used to imagine the trees were my minions when I was swinging...


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