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Pineapple Poems Submitted by Margaret Chapman on February 9, 2009 - 11:49am.

Anthology of Student Verse

pine apple =bo ro

Third Grade


A rocket blasting off.
A boom shooting fast.
A million eyes with a spiky bottom.
A fat palm tree.

Juliet B.

It's a jelly jar that someone is squirting jelly out of.
The bee has a very spiky green stinger.
The star at the bottom is twinkling so bright.
The design is perfect for a fence.
It's screaming so loud, you can see its green voice.

Alexis P.

A head with 100 mouths and hair.
A shooting star.
A fat yellow bee with honey out of his mouth.
An animal that is mad at you, trying to hurt you.
A rocket flying in space.
100 flowers with one stem.
Something scared and spiked out.

Vanessa K.

1. Out of a bee hive with green bees
2. Out came a rocket ship.
3. A shooting star came across the sky.
4. There is a canyon I was looking for.
5. The is how a spider looks like with 100 eyes.
6. A sun sets by a tree.
7. A bottom of it looks like a compass.
8. This is how a squirrel looks.
9.  It looks like green fire coming out of a yellow bottle.

Brianna R.

The yellow spiked rocket has green pointy fire.
The green star has a circle in the middle.
The green spiked mouth shouts out at you.

Julian P.

1. The leaves stand for fire.
2. And the pineapple is the rocket.
3. And it looks like my grandmother knitting
a quilt.

4. It looks like the sun rising.
5. And like a Ipod beating for the spikes.
6. And also a deep dark cave.
7. Like a ball you throw with.
8. And it also looks like a porcupine getting mad.
9.  It looks like someone screaming bad words.

8th Grade

Alejandra G.

1. A million suns on a green sky
2. A porcupine on warning.
3. Green clouds on a yellow planet.
4. Spike up that hair, dude.
5.  A great mistake of human nature.

Javier E.

A bald alien with green legs and 100 eyes.
An angry pine tree shooting from a steep hill.
Lily's bad hair day : )
A baby monster has hatched from an egg.
A man's head spilling out his million thoughts.

Jennifer N.

Just waking up early in the morning.
The new shirt I bought.
My favorite firework that explodes.
The world on a diet.
A destroyed Christmas tree.
The sprinkles on the front lawn
It is the best of the worst.

5th grade

Lauren C.
My Wild Pineapple

As you stare at it the thorns pierce into your eyes
You can't stare past it because of it's wild call to you
The tiny little apples with stems sharp as knives
The wings ready to spread and fly away.

You can see the struggle of it ready to blast.
No smell but so much feeling.
The fountain's top water splashing
As you put it down the floor cracks and shakes.

Cynthia R.
About a Pineapple

The star shines under the black eclipse
Grass on top of spiky fields
Quarters, pennies hidden inside a stack of needles.
Swords pointing to it's prey;
Tornado, sweeping up into a black hole
Sharks in the sea with pointy grass
Palm trees in a hot place.
Vines grabbing people.

Brian G.

Bursting water out of the water bottle
Super villains escaping out of jail
Grass growing out of the rocky ground.

Mia A.

The hive of the honeybee
The fireworks green and yellow in the dark smoky sky
The disc of the DVD player
A tiger roaring in the tropical forest
Many green tongues coming out to get a drink
The water that comes out of a whales spout
The nails sticking out of a wall.

Anastasia M
The Pine Evil

The pineapple is a soda bottle in disguise
Tiles on the floor come to like on the fruit.
Millions of knives pointing at me
A tarantula climbing on a palm tree
The smell is a fresh flower of a tree
It's as thorny as me.
The poor thing that everyone hates
is the most of waste.

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