Monday, September 17, 2012

The Red Leemina Song (Humor, Poetry, Mini Fiction...)

when i had no job I made
writing my job. when I had
no rice my eyeballs harvested.
when i had no voices i waited.
when i had no choices i stayed indoor.
when i had no energy i read from a bookstore.
when i had no faith i made
my common sense the faith. when i had no
knowledge i went to see sunset.
when i missed Broadway gallery, Chicago
history became my memory. when i left
Austin for Seattle education, Italian sandwiches
become my branch of aromas from Subway.
when I'm lost in the ocean of sailing,
google and wordpress come to my rescue. when i'm
echoing love among poems from knowledge, not bookstore,
I find hope and options through pedals behind my back.


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