Sunday, August 19, 2012

From 13 Years Old in 1981 to 21 in 1989 to 44 in 2012, You and I Have Been Cool Together!

I was almost 13 years old in 1981,
It’s was the first day of 8th grade class,
A sudden rain chased me and my friends
to your house, which sits about
1000 feet away from locale middle school,
Your mom greeted us,
mentioning you, who would also
attend the same grade at the same school,
then to our surprise,
you and I ended in the same class,
No girls talked to boys openly, or much,
But I knew you were there,
making profound progress and top grades,
been good enough to go to high school directly,
with me left behind for a year,
eventually, I made it to the same high school,
Again, we've never spoke to one another,
While you went to the best university in the country,
I was also working hard to make it,
and I did, attending college at the same city,
for two years, we did not contact each other,
But you heard about me and my status,
and I heard about you and your status,
then your mom made arrangement for us to meet,
That's summer of 1989,
8 years knowing each other
but never speaking to each other, wow,
so when we finally met,
we became friends that were close,
I indeed admired you and continue doing so,
and you are outstanding not just for your academics,
but for your sharp eyes in knowing me,
know my innocence and value
despite gossips and rumors...
How divine that we have been friends 1989-2012, (at 44)
for 8 plus 23 =31 year for now...
That's 75% of my life time...

Suppose we remain together for another 10 years,
then we will be friends for the past 41 years,
that's 80% of life time together...(54)
I could not image my life without you,
as I see the calm sea and feel the still air,
I see peace, confidence, and love
left behind in my footprints...
you are divine, my love.
I love you for everything you have done...
keep it up,
You rock the whole universe!

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