Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Once By The Pacific Ocean (4 Short Story Slam Week 23)

The haunted woods whistle a misty ring,
Lush tree trunks wave their arms then,
Under the desire of making changes to their positions
to enhance their livelihood associations,
The forest starts to roll toward the shore
that trees have never acted like this before,
Clouds omen July's bitterish rain,
Limitless daydreams encounter their first pain,
A night with no glittering stars comes,
with untold stories tugged in ghosts' arms,
Wind, water, thunder, and friendless rages,
Disasters, earth quakes, death, and God's revenges,
When the marriage of fateful fights is done,
Hopeful new orders in the sea near the woods begin.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Computer (Humor From The Web)


My Computer

by Burmah M. Teague  

My computer has a language
That is foreign to me
It speaks of RAM and Gigabytes
And what could ROM be! 

I don't understand the Windows
My computer says are there
Nor the Gem Clip at the side of my page
With eyes that blink and stare! 

I don't understand the cures
That maintenance wizards do
It's called defragmenter, scan disk,
And virus cleaning too! 

Yet, computer and I work hand and eye
With a mouse to translate
The tasks that I want it to do
While it points out my mistake!

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Views from A 55er

To too many,
The family is irreducible to everybody,
The fox puffs her chest,
Showing off her best,
Morning clouds hang quiet,
Letting the mimicry of evil
shiver through their bodies,
War jets compose killing poetry
with blue mood and instant death,
Loved ones pray in the distance,
As the fox lick the scars on her face.

Image Credit: Google.com