Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rhode Island= Rose+ Emma Watson+Bristo+JD Henneberry+Wu Sheng+Tom Wu+Harry Potter

Brown University is a private, Ivy League
university located in Providence,
Rhode Island, United States
Founded in 1764 prior to American independence,
Brown is the third oldest institution
of higher education in New England
and seventh oldest in the United States,
Former President Gorge W. Bush, JD Henneberry,
and Emma Watson have chosen Brown University…

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Taiwan=Tom Wu + Jiabao Wen

Citizens in Taiwan feel like
that they were more advanced
because they are practicing Chinese Style
Democracy, at the meantime,
Taiwan professionals feel inferior
to Mainland China, especially
after China become modernized
and obtained respect from America
and from many other countries...
Thus Taiwan is conjunction of
mainland China and America,
it's not independent literally.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jingle's Birthplace: The Ninie-Headed Phoenix Bird

Nine-Headed Phoenix Bird=Hubei=Hu Jintao-Barack/Brian

Hubei province of China is nicknamed
Nine-Headed Phoenix Bird, because
talents are rich in this region,
Tang dynasty had famous poets such as
Wright Li, Wu Dough, and Restless Qu...
The Long River is the longest river in China,
with The Han River as its major branch,
Jingle's birthplace is next to the Han River.

Books on China JingJi (Chinese Economy)

ShengSuzy Dictionary

Temple NangJing

Wuhan Chan-Jiang Bridge (Jackie chan and Jiang ZheMing)

WuSheng New China Bookstore

Wuhan Xinhua Bookstore (Wu-Hillary Sheng-Suzy Bookstore)

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Daily Northwestern: The Delicate Humming Bird

The Daily Northwestern was brought home
by Sheng last June, along with his used
folders, notebooks, and stuff.
Jingle took hold of the newspaper,
she was instantly impressed by
the content, the headlines...
what's more fulfilling is that:
students from different background
such as Nicole Hong, Sherry Jiao
are encouraged to write.
May 19, 2011.

Image Credit: The Daily Northwestern newspaper

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Aihua Xie: The Powerful Thinker in Physics

Aihua Xie is a professor at Physics
whose American husband happens
to be in the same area,
She's a dedicated researcher
and powerful thinker,
Jingle knew her via
Stillwater Chinese Language School,
She advocates reforms and recommended Jingle
to be Chinese School Principal
during Fall, 2002,
Please get to know her,
She has a daughter.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Angelina Jolie: The Angel of Quality

Angelina Jolie is a movie star
who adopts kids near and far,
She embraces black and Asian
despite the fact that
she's white, sexy, and kind.
while many might enjoy the gossips
on her relationship with Brad Pitt,
Others admire her courage
in fostering intertional relations,
including supporting troops.
Angelina is an angel of quality.

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Dr. Gayla Foster:The Piano Angel

Dr. Gayla Foster is a piano angel,
The rhythms of her words of instruction
are very soothing and constructive,
She has patience, skills, and attitude
to keep budding pianist interested
in continued learning and competing.
Parents and students shall feel blessed
to have Dr. Foster as their trusted
piano mentor and instructor...
Keep students smiling...

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Scott Jackson: The String Instructor King

As Stillwater High School Booster Club
founder, Stillwater Junior High
and High School string instructor,
Mr. Scott Jackson has been a musical King,
At New York City Performing Arts Center,
His students and he shine,
He instructs and conducts, handsomely,
He cares about students thoughtfully,
As a music major,
He is a symbol of victory.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University: A Dream Place for Musicians To Be!

Did you ever know a place
that provides you love, music,
and inspirations to all?
To me, Bienen School of Music
at Northwestern University
is that place to be,
They have outstanding program
that attracts many young musicians,
They know who is who,
If you are gifted and true,
They will love and promote you.

Image Credit:, Strings at music department
of Bienen School of Music at NWU


Last night
I walked in on
death at my friend Polar Bear's wake,
i turned around and left,
Fiddled my hair a lot,
Why do people call it a resurrection
when the person is dead?


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Two women fight over a man who can't choose,
but neither wants to give up without a fight,
They didn't know that they've got nothing to lose,
Two women fight over a man who can't choose,
Two girls write poems and share their blues,
Two women fight over a man who can't choose,
eventually, they decide to let go with a choice.